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FGP/Strait_of_Georgia_Ichthyoplankton_Survey_En (MapServer)

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Ichthyoplankton surveys were conducted in the Strait of Georgia (British Columbia) during 1979-1981 to ascertain the onset of fish spawning, and to explore distributional pattern and estimate total biomass of fish species.

Oblique tows were made using 0.25m2 Bongos equipped with 351 micron Nitex nets of modified SCOR design. All sampling gear was black to minimize potential avoidance and resulting catch bias. The tow procedure generally followed that established by CALCOFI.

This dataset contains a compilation of corrected catches of juvenile fishes, fish eggs and fish larvae by station.

Learn more or download this dataset from the Government of Canada's Open data portal.

Map Name: Strait of Georgia Ichthyoplankton Survey_En


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