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Service Description: Argo is a global in situ ocean climate monitoring system consisting in an array of over 4,000 free-drifting floats that collect data on ocean temperature and salinity, and sometimes oxygen, in the upper 2000 m of the ocean. It is an international effort, with more than 30 nations contributing floats to the array since 1999. Data from Argo floats are made publicly available within 24 hours of collection time, for free. The data provide valuable information on changes to the Earth's climate and hydrological cycle. They are used for a variety of purposes, such as assessing climate change, improving weather forecasts and developing ocean models. Argo Canada, lead by Fisheries and Oceans Canada, has launched over 450 Argo floats since 2001. As of November 2017, 81 Argo Canada floats were active.

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Copyright Text: Government of Canada; Fisheries and Oceans Canada; Gouvernement du Canada; Peches et Oceans Canada;

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